Trick : tranform Message to C# class without any code

Hi everybody,

Who never call a c# method in an orchestration and pass an XmlDocument which will be serialized further in the method execution.

A trick exist to avoid the step of serializing.

Here is the way

you write a schemas :

You generate the class with xsd command line :

xsd.exe -c -l:c# IdentitiesSample.xsd
Now You write an C# library assembly with a method like that :

namespace SampleLibrary


    public class Sample


        public static void SomeMethod(SampleLibrary.Entity.Identities IdentityObj)


            //do something




Note : as you can see I put the C# object as parameter

Now in your orchestration  you can call your new method without use any XmlDocument or any XmlSerializer :

Now Compile, and it works. Now no more any serializer and other method, it’s simplier.

Note : when you deserialized, if you have a very complicated schema where you checked the property_specified, you can’t use this trick, because this method don’t check the specified field


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