Often, I headr that ETL and EAI are the same things, or BizTalk is a ETL like. Those sentences are wrong today and forever.

The two tools are differents goals, let me show the big différences :

  • ETL is a decisionnal tool and EAI is an operational tool
  • EAI can exchange with disparate system
  • EAI is the connector between multiple systems, whereas ETL is a data warehousing process performed in an environment that is separate from the systems themselves.
  • An EAI is a real time processor, ETL is a differed time processor
  • ETL extracts data and transform it for the target, EAI manages business rule and business process
  • ETL can manage a lot of data in the same time, EAI treats few data repeatedly
  • With ETL you write data flows with EAI you write workflows
I’ve got a great image to show the difference :
An ETL can treat 1 000 000 000 lines in one times, BizTalk can treats 1 ligne in 1 000 000 000 times

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