First feelings with windows 8

Microsoft has released a windows 8  preview version yesterday (to download it go to

Here is my impressions


Very easy more than every windows I’ve ever installed.

First surprise, in the configuration part, bye bye windows account and welcome to hotmail account, your ID is now your address mail (and actualy your password is mailbox’ password).

Then you have lot of configuration part for mobile usage (not in my case with an Hyper-V VM)


Bye bye the desktop, now the first screen is the metro screen with his bricks. As windows phone it’s very useful and easy to use. You can configure each brick separatly and customize your own metro screen is very simple.

The original desktop always exist but now it’s not the principal interface, and there is no new thing.

Now the start button go to metro screen and the original menu disappear.

I test windows 8 during one hour, modify its configuration, surfing on the net and try some app like game or buildConference. Windows 8 is similar to windows phone but you need as desktop user a little time to adapt you at the new behavior.

Last and very last thing but MS forget the desktop user on this case but I haven’t found the shutdown button, come on guys do you forget the environement I never let my machine UP all the time

I think windows 8 is a great MS product but it needs some adjustement, but don’t forget it’s just a preview


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