Monitoring WCF service with AppFabric

With AppFabric you can monitor your WCF services.

You’ve got two ways for this :

The first one by editing the config file,

Add this section :


      <default enabled="true" connectionStringName="DefaultApplicationServerExtensions" monitoringLevel="Troubleshooting" /> 

The connectionStringName attribute should contain a reference to an existing connection string in the ConnectionString section, and that’s the database used by AppFabric to store the monitoring events.

The monitoringLevel attribute specifies the number of events you want to capture in a service execution. The possible values for this setting are,

  • Off (monitoringLevel= »Off”): No data is collected. It would be equivalent to have monitoring disabled.
  • Errors only (monitoringLevel= »ErrorsOnly”):  Only errors and warnings events are collected. This is very useful when you don’t want to incur into performance issues for collecting application events but you still want to know about any error may happen during the execution.
  • Health Monitoring (monitoringLevel=HealthMonitoring): This is the default level and collects enough application events to show different metrics in the AppFabric dashboard.
  • End To End Monitoring (monitoringLevel= »EndToEndMonitoring”). It collects all the events from the Health Monitoring level, plus additional events to reconstruct the message flow. For example, Service A called Service B. You will get also events representing info about the Service B call if monitoring is enabled on Service A.
  • Troubleshooting (monitoringLevel= »Troubleshooting »). This is the most verbose of all, so it is appropriate for troubleshooting an unhealthy application.

The second way is more friendly use :

  1. Start or switch to IIS Manager.
  2. In the Connections pane, select the server, site, or application you want to configure.
  3. Right-click the item. On the context menu, click Manage WCF and WF Services, and then click Configure.Alternatively, you can use the Actions pane instead of the context menu. Find the Manage WCF and WF Services section, and then click Configure.
  4. When the Configure WF and WCF dialog box appears, click the Monitoring tab.
  5. View or change settings as necessary. If you change settings, click OK to apply the settings and close the dialog box, or click Apply to apply settings without closing the dialog box. Click Cancel to close the dialog box without saving. (source MSDN

Note : the second modify the config file too


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