projects have recently been added to this solution do you want to get them from source control

Another Visual Studio problem, when you open the solution you get this error :

« projects have recently been added to this solution do you want to get them from source control ». I think this « problem » come from some migration because, I always get this error with some project which I migrated.

This problem is not important but if you want to clear it here is the step for :

  1. Unbind the solution from TFS (Do this by going to File/Source Control/Change Source Control menu item)

  2. Edit the .sln file manually and remove all sections that look like « GlobalSection(TeamFoundationVersionControl) = preSolution ». Those sections could be very large, but don’t worry, Visual Studio will regenerates those.

  3. Rebind the solution with TFS

With this tips you can also clear the issue : « Some of the properties associated with the solution could not be read« 


The solution is offline because its associated Team Foundation Server is offline

Another very frustrating problem, sometime your Visual Studio 2010 solution appears offline. So you rebind it and check in, but if you closed VS and re-open your solution, it is always offline and you can read in the source control windows The solution is offline because its associated Team Foundation Server is offline Lire la suite

Configure pipeline dynamically

Sometime, you need to apply the same pipeline in differents place in your orchestration with a modified property.
The most frequent case is that you have a port with multiple port_type within. And each Port_type need a cutom pipeline.

You’ve got two solutions : you create a spefic port for each port_type, or you set the pipeline programatically. Lire la suite

cannot resolve imported service

When you have multiple called orchestration stage in different BizTalk project, you can get this error : « cannot resolve imported service »

It’s an old bug from visual studio 2005. Let me explain you when this bug appears :

you have 3 orchestrations A, B, C

  • A references B
  • B references C

When you compile you obtain the error cannot resolve imported service.

To clear this issue just add C in A’s references

Deploy the same schema in two differents assembly version

Who never face to the problem of an existing schema to deploy but you can’t stop the application to make a real update of all your service.

When you can’t stop any application (for example because a very long correlation exist), you can avoid the uninstallation of all referenced application to update your schema. Lire la suite

Usefull Visual studio Shortcut

I draw up a comprehensive visual studio shortcut list for BizTalk use :

Shortcut Action
F2 on a variable rename it
ctrl+K,R Find all reference
ctrl+K,D format document (very usefull when you open a map as XmlDocument)
ctrl+M,L Roll Up/down text block
shift+del delete line
alt+click column edition mode
ctrl+K,S surround with

Tell Me if you’ve got some interesting shortcut