Changes to Azure SQL service tiers and pricing

Today Microsoft announced changes to Azure SQL Database service tiers. I’ll simplify it for you: You’ll get larger databases for less money and a better uptime SLA. The Web and Business editions of Azure SQL Database are going away with retirement in 12 months. New service tiers of Basic and Standard are now available. 

here is the main differences :

Full details on the new tiers are available here and pricing details are here.

BTS high availability

Microsoft gives a great articles’ serie about High availability in BizTalk. They provides a lot of advice when installing a very stressed BizTalk environment;

Some concerns SQL, and other windows environement, but all are required; in my experience, I always followed this requirements.


MDSN is a huge online repository for Microsoft documentation. This should be your primary source for information on BizTalk availability:


The following articles provide more information on High Availability for BizTalk:


The following blog posts by community provide more background information and experience on High Availability for BizTalk:


The following web casts by community provide more background information on High Availability for BizTalk:

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Install and Configure BizTalk Adapter pack 2010

In BizTalk 2010, the adapter pack is not out of the box component, and you need to install them.


The BizTalk Adapter Pack 2010 provides connectivity to SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel and SQL and Oracle Databases. The BizTalk Adapter Pack can be installed in conjunction with, or separately from, BizTalk Server.

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