WCF instanceContextMode

With WCF, you can configure lot of thing.

An interesting setting is the InstanceContextMode

MSDN talk about that :  « Use the InstanceContextMode property to specify when new service objects are created. Because the service object is not directly connected to the communicating channel, the lifetime of the service objects is independent of the lifetime of the channel between a client and the service application. The default value, PerSession, instructs the service application to create a new service object when a new communication session is established between a client and the service application. Subsequent calls in the same session are handled by the same object. » (http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/system.servicemodel.servicebehaviorattribute.instancecontextmode.aspx) Lire la suite


No instance in « track message service instance »

This is a problem that I saw recently. After a BizTalk Configuration step with domain account.

When you execute a BizTalk Application you can see the Active Service Instance, but after you can’t see any tracking data.

Three checks :

  • First one verify you have an host with tracking active
  • Second one check that activity tracking is enable on orchestration or port
  • Third one go on SQL server log and verify that you don’t have « access failed login » event, if you found it give the right g to read write to the DTA for the Host Instance with Tracking enable