Activate net.tcp Binding in AppFabric

When you host a WCF service in WAS (IIS) and use non http protocol, when you browse your svc you can obtain this error :

The protocol ‘net.tcp’ is not supported. Lire la suite

WCF custom vs WCF with IIS

In a previous blog entry, I wrote about exposing wcf port without IIS. But now when I use IIS and when I don’t use it ?

Actually, when I use IIS I’ve got a new technic layer and increase the resource used.

So what IIS bring more.As we can see with or without IIS doesn’t influence response time (click on the picture to zoom). Lire la suite

Exposing Orchestration or Schemas as WCF services without IIS

Hi everybody, all people know how to expose orchestration or schemas as WCF service with IIS.

But sometime it’s not necessary to use IIS (I’ll tell about that in a future article) for example with a flow which has some call per day.

First thing as usual you need to develop your orchestration and deploy it : Lire la suite