How to Debatch into an orchestration with a pipeline

This is a frequent problem, and many solutions exist. But I will explain the solution with a pipeline which is more effecient than the solution with xpath solution

Here is my case, I receive data from Oracle DataBase with WCF-Oracle adapter and I need to process line per line.

WCF-Oracle work in my case in Receive-Response behavior so I need to develop an orchestration and debatch within. Lire la suite

Mime/SMIME encoder error : Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG))

When you use BizTalk in 64 bit version, and the Mime/Smime encoder you’ve got this error :

Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {254B4003-2AA7-4C82-BB2E-18BA7F22DCD2} failed due to the following error: 80040154 Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG)).

To clear this issue just put your pipeline on a 32 bit Host

Configure pipeline dynamically

Sometime, you need to apply the same pipeline in differents place in your orchestration with a modified property.
The most frequent case is that you have a port with multiple port_type within. And each Port_type need a cutom pipeline.

You’ve got two solutions : you create a spefic port for each port_type, or you set the pipeline programatically. Lire la suite